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Testimonials - (ask to see the originals!):

“I passed first time with Luke! The lessons were great, he made me feel calm and confident. I'd recommend him to anyone” - Amy

“In a city dominated by the larger established driving schools, Beep-Beep Driving offers an excellent be-spoke service to match even the most demanding of learners. Big in personality and stature Luke Corbett is a shining example of a modern driving instructor, his lessons are professionally delivered while still maintaining a friendly and personable atmosphere. Beep-Beep should be every new learner’s first choice, head and shoulders above the rest.” - Matthew

“With Luke teaching it is very simple to understand. He is a great instructor and also a nice guy to talk to. I had a great time learning with him and passed both tests first time and did a lot better than I thought I would! I owe that to Luke.” Thanks - D

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The Theory Test

Before you can take the Practical Driving Test you must pass Driving Theory Test.  This is done on a touch screen at your local Theory Test Centre.

The first part of the test sets you 50 multiple-choice questions. Most questions require you to identify the correct answer(s) from a choice of possible options but some questions will require you to choose more than one answer and some questions have pictures, diagrams or road signs.

There are 50 questions and you must get at least 43 right to pass this part of the test.

If you pass the first part, and after a short break, you start the Hazard Perception part of the test.  You will be shown 14 clips of film.  Up to 5 points will be awarded for each clip depending on how quickly the hazard is recognised and the mouse button clicked.  You need to get at least 44 marks out of 75 to pass.

I can give you all the assistance you need with both parts of the test


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“I passed first time!! I guarantee that I wouldn’t have without Luke’s fantastic teaching ability, he is patient and honest and gives you the confidence you need to drive well. I recommend him to everyone.” - Tom



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